Alpaca Update

Things have been quiet on the Alpaca front over the winter, and with the exception of the usual feeding watering and the never ending poo collecting there isn’t a whole lot to do,
Now however things are stirring again.

Paul has been busy halter training some of the newer members of the herd and he has a firm favourite is this little lady Luna Rosa who is showing great promise.

Halter training is important for showing and for general handling and Paul take a gentle approach to help build confidence. The added advantage of this approach is that the Alpacas are so friendly and love interacting with people.
We recently had 18 kids for a 5 th birthday and the highlight for the kids was getting to rub, lead and feed the Alpacas.
Last year Paul and the girls had one of their most memorable days when they brought the Alpacas to Barrettstown Castle for a family farm day that was being held there. Barrettstown is an amazing place designed to give respite to children with serious illnesses and the work they do there is truly amazing, so Paul was delighted to do anything he could to help.
The trip was a huge success and the children and their parents fell head over heels in love with the Alpacas and Seve in particular was a great hit. He is so gentle and kind and his latest trick is kissing whoever is closest to him!!

Here is Seve with the kids when we took him walking in the Slieve Blooms, he was so well behaved and was a great novelty for other walkers we met along the way. He sat down and waited patiently while we had our picnic…an absolute dote !!

We have recently been contacted by Barrettstown to see if a return visit could be arranged and of course there is great excitement at the thought of returning to this magical place.
Until then there are many jobs to do so if anyone fancies a bit of poo collecting you know where to find us!!

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