Spring at Last

Today was a great day, a day to remind us of what we have been missing all of through the miserably cold month of March….a Spring day, and we were determined to make the very most of it!
We headed off this morning, with a warm picnic, to The National Stud in Kildare. Its such a fantastic place and this is a great time of year to go as all the newborn foals are frolicking about on legs that, for now at least, look too long to belong to such beautiful animals. The kids had a ball petting everything for Fallabellas to Thoroughbred foals and discovering ‘magical’ caves in St Fiachras garden and of course the stepping stones and curiosities of the Japanese Gardens were a huge hit. In the stallion yard were heard great commotion from the covering barn and the girls showed their farming roots by promptly declaring that there was a ‘ Mummy and Daddy horse in there making a baby foal’, I had to laugh when my 6 year old said she didn’t know what all the fussing was about when they were ‘just making a baby’!

When we returned home we decided that the raised beds that we had prepared in February could finally be planted and it was all hands on deck as the kids had great fun helping to plant our veg, we planted carrots, parsnips, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli and onions so hopefully we will have something to show for our trouble in a few months time.


Here are my little helpers and in the background is what I consider the cutest potting shed possible which has been lovingly clad and decorated by my husband
It was such a treat to be outside without multiple layers and still shivering beneath them and everyone from the kids to the ducks basked in the much needed sunshine.

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