Proud Momma!

For the last few weeks my eldest daughter, aged 6, has been asking me if she can get her hair cut up as far as her shoulders. For most people this would not be a big deal but for me it has been. For the first 2 years of Charlotte’s life she had barely a wisp of hair, and despite the wearing of mainly dresses she was often mistaken for a boy. When it finally began to grow I was thrilled and the first time I got to put her hair in pigtails was a very happy day. Putting clips in, and not just to distinguish her from a boy, was, and still is, a great pleasure for me. So this request was a bit of a shock but I agreed that if she thought about it for a few weeks and still wanted to get it done then I would make the appointment in the hairdresser for her. Today is the day.
Then last night in the bath her younger sister announced that if Charlotte didn’t look ‘ridiculous’ with her hair shorter then she might get her hair cut too. To this Charlotte replied ” I don’t mind if I look ridiculous, I have no hair on the inside and Mummy always says that its what a person is like on the inside that matters”
At that moment I could have died happy!! So although I spend a large part of my day repeating the same requests and instructions till I’m blue in the face, sometime, just sometimes, they hear the important stuff.

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