7 years in the Blink of an Eye

Our eldest daughter turns 7 today, even as I type this I find it hard to believe. When I close my eyes I can still almost feel the sensation of her tiny little feet pushing against my tummy, as active in the womb as she is out!
No one tells you when you have a baby that you will love them so much that sometimes you actually think that your heart may explode, it is a love that is difficult to describe and like nothing you have felt before. That love doesn’t happen when you first hold your baby in your arms, although it begins there, it grows with each smile they give, each tiny baby giggle, each time they grasp your fingers in their chubby little hands and with ever snuggle they give.

The last few years have flown by an when she stands before me I sometimes do a double take and wonder who this mature, kind, generous girl is, and where did my shy little baby go.
She has become so grown up since going to school, not in a street wise way but she has become such great company, always happy to help and she whispers conspiratorially to me about the ‘carry on’ of the ‘little ones’.
Yet although she has grown so much and at times I want to press the ‘pause’ button, she is still such a little girl at heart. When asked about what kind of party she would like she immediately answered ‘A Teddy Bears Picnic’ and she is often found trying to steal her baby brothers soother. She also likes nothing better than sitting on my lap for a cuddle and I hope this doesn’t change for a very long time.
A friend of ours wrote a poem for her for her Christening Gift and it epitomises how I feel……regardless of what birthday she is celebrating, she is now and always will be, my baby girl. xx

Baby’s hands and Baby’s feet,
Baby’s Nose and Baby’s teeth
Baby’s locket and Baby’s chain
Baby whispering your name

Baby blues and Baby smiles
Baby laughs and Baby cries
Baby dreams and Baby’s play
Babies name is Charlotte May

by Kevin Fleming

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