What's Happening on our Farm

It seems like a long time since I did an update on the farm so there is no time like the present.

First off I want to say thank you to everyone who inquired about our cria who had meningitis during the summer, I am delighted to say he is doing brilliant and besides still requiring bottle feeds 5 times a day he is in great health now and has gained a lot of, much needed, weight.
We are extremely grateful to Glenisk who have given us goats milk at a large discount to feed him and have often given it free of charge.
He is a real pet, always the centre of attention and was the star attraction at our daughters recent birthday, where everyone got a chance to feed him.

We have had a number of new additions to our fowl collection, namely 10 rescue hens, which were part of a huge rescue of 7000 hens, which were from a commercial egg factory, they arrived in an appalling condition, the had almost no feathers, they did not know how to roost as they never had the space to, and as a result their bums were raw and sore from  sitting so much if the time, they are still a little prone to being bullied by the older hens but they are recovering well and looking a lot healthier. The state they were in gives an indicator as to why some supermarket eggs taste so bland.
Another new arrival is our adopted peacock Peeps, he is magnificent, so regal, I can’t wait to see him in full glory in  Spring time. His owner was moving abroad and my husbands fame for his inability to refuse an animal led her to us!!
We have had a number of tours coming to the farm and really enjoy welcoming them, especially the children who are fascinated by all the animals…I love the questions they come up with!
We had the pleasure of having our daughters Montesorri school, Sunflowers Montesorri School, here yesterday, which was a great morning. Hilariously we had to drop Maddie to school, only for her to get the bus back home 20 minutes later, because she didn’t want to miss out on the bus trip!!

We have some very exciting times ahead as the farm, which has been up to now a hobby farm, is ready to move to the next level. Paul has put a huge amount of time and effort and expense into building up a herd of top quality Alpacas and we are now in a position to start selling on some of our stock. This is very exciting for us and we now need to look at the farm as a business and will continue to grow the herd and still be in a position to sell stock to interested customers.
He will also be doing a complete package including husbandry courses for all new and potential Alpaca owners.
And finally we had Roisin and Carol from Irish Country Magazine here last week to do a feature on the farm, including some family photos (aaaaagh!!) the magazine is out on the 14th November so there will be great excitement to see us in print!!

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