Scrummy but Unauthentic Kedgeree

I am convinced that the best way to get children to try something new is not to offer it to them, sounds mad I know but I discovered it by accident and it works every time. Take today for instance, I had seen Salmon Darnes on special offer and bought two with the idea of making Kedgeree to bring to work for lunch. I made it just before collecting the children from school and when they returned and were milling about the kitchen I was tasting it to check final seasoning etc and decided to Blog it so needed to photograph it……immediate interest from the little people, all requesting a taste, it was at room temperature and this is actually my favourite way to eat this as I am not a fan of hot salmon.

The children absolutely loved it, all asking for their own bowl ( mean Mummy said no as their actual dinner was cooking!!) They now want it for tomorrow’s school lunch…..result!!

I think the reason they are so willing to taste food in these situations is because there is no pressure to eat, it’s not their meal so they know there will be no cajoling them into eating more and this removes the risk of having to continue eating something they dislike. I always give great praise for trying something new and try to get them to discuss what they like or dislike, it makes them think more about the taste and past judging by texture alone.
Anyway, sorry for the long ramble, here is the recipe, adapted somewhat from Delia Smiths version, I dislike smoked fish but if you are a fan definitely use it as it’s much more authentic.


2 Salmon Darnes
1 onion
25g butter
1 tablespoon of Curry Paste
Basmati Rice, fill to 300ml mark on measuring jug
1 lemon
2 Free Range Eggs hard boiled ( not for too long though)

Poach the salmon in about 800ml of water until just cooked (about 8 minutes)
Remove from the cooking water and set aside and remove the skin and flake the fish, reserve and strain the cooking water.
In a frying pan with a tight fitting lid ( or saucepan) melt the butter over a medium heat and gently soften the onions.
Add the rice and stir till rice is evenly coated.
Add a generous tablespoon of curry paste and stir again.
Now add 600 ml of the strained reserved cooking water and cover with a tight fitting lid and cook on a low heat for 12 mins and then turn off the heat but leave covered for a further 5 mins.
Now fork through the salmon and eggs and season with salt, pepper and some lemon juice. 
This is a great lunch dish and works just as well the next day, my preference is to eat it warm/room temperature as opposed to hot but that’s just me, whichever way you have it, enjoy.

5 thoughts on “Scrummy but Unauthentic Kedgeree”

  1. So true re eating and kids… And the recipe sounds absolutely delicious! I've salmon in the freezer and the rest of the ingredients here, I think I'll be making this for lunch tomorrow! X

  2. Thanks Emily, I hope you and they enjoy it. Definitely feel that it is a ploy that works and my other one is to put a large variety of different things on the table and let them choose what they wish to eat, its amazing what they will try and again the lack of pressure pays off, not always practical but when possible worth doing.

    1. I tend to use whichever I have in the pantry, which is usually Pataks Balti or Korma paste as both tend to be mild enough not to offend the mini critics!!

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