Lentil Mushroom and Chilli Soup

After the feeding frenzy the is The Christmas Holidays it’s nice to have something light, spicy and tasty to look forward to, and for the numerous people who will be embarking on a healthy eating regime this soup has it all, it’s so tasty and while light the lentils mean that you will feel fuller for longer…a win win situation! 


200g puy lentils, rinsed 
8 shallots peeled and chopped
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
250 g breakfast mushrooms, wiped and chopped
1 chilli finely chopped
Dash Worcestershire  Sauce
1 lemon
1ltr chicken stock
Heat some oil in a heavy based pan and fry the shallots gently. After a few minutes add the garlic and chilli, turn the heat up a little and add the mushrooms. Continue to fry for about 5 mins until the mushrooms are just cooked. Add the lentils and stock and bring to a simmer.
Continue to simmer for about 30 mins until the lentils are cooked but still retain a little bite. Add the Worcestershire  Sauce and a squeeze of lemon.
You may not need any seasoning as the stock can be salty and the lentils have a peppery taste but adjust according to your taste.
This soup freezes well and is great for lunch.
Happy New year to all my lovely readers xx 

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