A Letter to My Mother.

For teaching me the difference between ‘I need’ and ‘I want’.

For letting me fall and get back up and showing me that you can actually kiss it better.
For the horticultureal advice that money does not, in fact,grow on trees.
For helping me understand that ‘Mary the Maid’ was never actually going to appear.

For giving me the courage to know that just because all my friends might jump in a river, I should not feel the need to follow.
For never telling Dad that we changed from the ‘sensible’ jeans we kissed him goodbye in, to a miniskirt the size of a handkerchief, on the way to the disco.
For helping me realise that my broken heart would indeed be better before I married.
For teaching me that you do not need a ticket to win the lotto, you just need to look at your children’s faces and realise that you already have. 
For being the most amazing example of unselfish, unending patience and love.
For inspiring me to try, everyday, to be a better person.
For being the kind of mother I can only hope to be.
Thank you Mum.
Happy Mothers Day

13 thoughts on “A Letter to My Mother.”

    1. Aw thanks Emily!! You have full permission but only if you swear you wore miniskirts the size of handkerchiefs going to the disco lol!

    1. Thank you😊 Mary the Maid was oft quoted when we were growing up, any job we were given we were told to get on with it as 'Mary the Maid' had left/wasn't returning/never existed!! Alternatively if we left work for Mum she would ask who we thought she was..Mary the Maid?? She featured ALOT lol!!

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