Where Are You Momma?

I cannot tell you how often I hear this, usually being shouted at me, during the course of a day. 

It seems that my children prefer to remain exactly where they are and shout, as loud as they can, ‘where are you mama/momma/mum/mummy?’ rather than get up and actually find me!! What I get called varies, depending on both the child and the reason that they need me.
If I don’t respond within the first few seconds the call gets louder and eventually they will manage to get up and check the usual places that I’m to be found…namely the kitchen or the laundry room or if they fail then possibly the shower.
Quite often I’ve heard them but need just two more minutes to finish off whatever job I’m doing and so I buy time by not answering…not very nice but not awful either……BUT…..here comes the confession…sometimes I don’t answer because I’ve fallen into the rabbit hole that is Social Media!!!
I go online to have a ‘quick check’ on Twitter, Facebook or Blog Groups and suddenly a half an hour has whizzed by and when my hiding place is discovered I’m dragged, dazed and confused, back to reality!
Multitasking has become second nature to me over the last few years, I can easily prepare dinner while checking spellings and sorting out World War 392 but I can’t even manage to send a text with a two year old in the room, never mind post a coherent response on Social Media…my multitasking fails miserable in the face of my virtual life.
The only solution I’m afraid is a self imposed ban of social media when I am at home with the children, my only daytime surfing will be done only while I’m at work (ssssshhh, don’t tell my boss!) and from now on when they call I will answer straight away, when the speak I will really be listening (not trying to think of a witty response to something I’ve just read!!) 
My mother a had a much favoured ( by her) tantrum inducing ( by us) saying when we were growing up, she rolled it out whenever she saw that although we were looking at her while she spoke, and were even nodding along she knew well we hadn’t heard a word she said. She would say ‘I know you hear me but do you HEED me’…..well from now on I will be here, I will be answering and I will HEED you. 

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