A Week Of Dinners

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The lovely Sinead over on Bumbles of Rice has been posting her ‘barefaced’ dinners….her real life everyday family dinners and this week I am linking up with her to share mine. I love hearing what other people are eating as I’m always on the lookout for new ideas.

We were down in Cork for the early part of last week and were spoiled by my Mums cooking, a break from meal preparation is always welcome. Here is what we ate since our return.
A rummage through the fridge dictated Wednesdays dinner, that and the fact we had picked wild garlic at home led to the creation of Smoked Mackeral, Leek and Wild Garlic Infused Gratin. The children tolerated it more than enjoyed it, and we had a green salad with it.

Thursday was a gorgeous sunny day so we had Homemade Chicken Goujons with pesto rice salad, green salad and Asian Slaw….all gobbled up ( except the children wouldn’t even try the Asian Slaw)

We had Homemade Lasagna with Aldi’s Garlic Bread, always popular here.

We were in Dublin at my sisters house where the kids had yummy homemade pizza and when the chaos abated the grown ups had delicious antipasta followed by Spaghetti Vongole cooked expertly by my brother in law Steve.
Sunday saw a trip to the National Aquatic Centre and after 2 1/2 hrs in the water we emerged starving and before the hunger turned to h’anger we took ourselves off to Eddie Rockets and despite a minor meltdown over some rogue onions in the sliders everyone was happy.
Back to school and back to the drudge of school lunches which called for a quick and easy dinner so the dinner of choice today was Chicken and Chorizo Pasta
 We had ‘Granny Marys ‘ Beef Curry, so called because Granny cooked it often for us growing up and also because it features her amazing chutney which helps balance the ‘fizz’ ( heat) for the kids. Dinner time was one of those crazy dinnertimes where there were many dramas and due to an untimely visit by a neighbour all the kids were acting up so I have no idea who ate what but I do know that our dog was pleased with his large breakfast of leftovers the following morning!!!
 Today we had Cod with lemony breadcrumb topping, garlic prawns,creamed leeks, spinach and ‘ice cream’ potatoes. Despite initial refusals from Maddie everyone ( eventually) liked this one. 

Phew…..that is alot of food 
What did you have this past week…what were the winners and losers on the food front?

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    1. I know!! Only a man would arrive into a house at mealtime and sit down for a cup of tea!!! Grrrrr! I love this series…I think perhaps I'm just nosy…love knowing what other people really eat, well done on it Sinead x

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