New Life on The Farm

I love this time of year…everything is green and new and the darkness and hibernation of winter is a distant memory.

Our beautiful beech trees spring into life


and there are breathtaking colours everywhere you look

Even the most ordinary of herbs burst with colour


and daily I’m gifted bouquets of wild flowers that Interflora could never rival.
There are birds nesting, hatchlings attempting to fledge and new life all around. We welcomed some new chicks 


and some gorgeous ducklings 

and we are currently ‘homing’ these beautiful fantail doves

The most exciting thing about this time year is it marks the start of Cria Season.
Some very sunny days last week meant that Fenella took advantage and delivered her beautiful cria 3 weeks early. He has been named Aristotle and is an absolute dote 


A few days later our second cria was born


After a quick check he was called Apollo…however a more detailed check later revealed that he was infact a she so Apollo has become Apollita!!

With many new arrivals due in the coming weeks excitement levels are understandably high.
Stay tuned for updates on more arrivals on the farm❤ 

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