'Tastefully Yours' Thai Green Curry

A few weeks back I was absolutely thrilled to receive a gift from the lovely Audrea from Tastefully Yours. They have recently added a number of new product to their range and Audrea was keen to get some honest feedback. 

I have been waiting for a special occasion to use it and this presented itself last week when the children had already been fed so we were free to have a ‘grown up’ dinner.
I am not usually a fan of jars of sauce so although I had heard good reports I was a little sceptical as to how fresh this would taste….all I can say is that I was converted. It tasted as good as restaurant standard and it was definitely down to the sauce, not any skill on my part.
I cannot wait to try the other sauces available in this range, they will be regular in our house from now on.
Look out for them in your local shops and if you don’t see them ask for them by name, this is a great team of Andrea and Norbert producing a fantastic range of products, they really derserve to be supported.
Disclaimer: I received the product for free but was not asked to write a blogpost, opinions expressed are all my own

ALSO This smelled so good that I rushed taking a picture of the finished dinner and it in no way did it justice and was so greedy to eat it I didn’t wait to take another…sorry!

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