Rainy Day Activity

It’s Ireland in the summer…so expect some occasional ( she says hopefully!) non summer weather.

It’s hard to keep children entertained when stuck indoors and we are all keen to keep screen time to a mimimum so here’s an activity that might just help.
Sometimes when we take out colours/paints the children struggle trying to figure out what to draw, often they lose interest, so to help them along I sometimes pick a book and we use this as the starting point.

One of our favourites is ‘Sharing A Shell’ by Julia Donaldson…there are fantastic illustrations in this and I adore the lesson in the story…the girls started drawing their rock pool and adding in the crab the anemone and the bristle worm, this allows for great questions about each of these creatures ( there ‘may’ have been some googling required!!)
A great way to encourage their imagination is to get the to talk about a different ending for the book…what if the storm hadn’t happened, what if the bristle worm hadn’t got them to become friends again….and then the draw and colour the new endings.

Ever feel like you’re being watched!!

Hopefully we won’t have too many rainy days but this can also be a nice way to wind down after a busy day outside too.
Hope you enjoy.
Confession; until recently I would only allow the kids to paint outside, awful I know but there was no way to contain the tornado that is Noah so thus was the only solution! I’m slowly making peace with the mess painting indoors creates😳

6 thoughts on “Rainy Day Activity”

  1. I LOVE those googly eyes! I made some, if I say so myself, gorgeous go raibh maith agat cards for the teachers using thumb prints. I cheated a bit and googled ideas but one of them was a thumb print spider – 4 of them on the page with a simple black line for their web all hanging at different heights – and googly eyes. They were brilliant. The trouble is though, it's not the kid's art – it's mine! I'm not very good at "sharing" my artwork.

    1. That's a brilliant…I get that whole 'it's my artwork not yours!!'…saw a lovely thumbprint tree that I've stored away for Fathers Day next year.

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