World Breastfeeding Week….from a retired breastfeeder.

As part of World Breastfeeding Week I am taking part in Irish Parenting Bloggers Linky…..see some other fabulous contributors by clicking below.
The theme was to be A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words but since my breastfeeding days ended before selfies (not to mind breastfeeding selfies…or breastfies if you will!!) were even a twinkle in Facebooks eye, Im afraid you will have to put up with a little poem instead.

From a retired breast feeder;

You were my torture
You were my pain
There was tears 
But I’m grateful for the chance
We took our time
To learn the rhythm
But then our struggle
Became our dance
And dance we did
So many times
My babies and I 
In milky bliss
I chose it for my babies
It was the better choice for them
I hadn’t known how much I’d love it
It was a privilege that I sorely miss.


5 thoughts on “World Breastfeeding Week….from a retired breastfeeder.”

  1. Thank you…it is a sad day but it's also lovely to see them move to the next phase, I am trying hard to celebrate each stage as opposed to looking back in longing. That said I do look longingly at breastfeeding mums and hope the know how amazing they are x

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