A Month On | School Report

So we are a month into the new school year and we are WRECKED.

The long summer-like days mean that the natural return to normal bedtimes hasn’t exactly kicked in yet.
We are still in summer mode but unfortunately the Department of Education are not. 
I’m fighting a losing battle to get then to come in from play earlier, to try have some wind down time before bed but most evening I end up man handling them off the trampoline 5 minutes before bedtime which means it’s taking them ages to get to sleep!!

On the school front it’s all going reasonably well. 
Our junior infants lady is still LOVING school and her love in was further fuelled by the fact that she got homework today. To see the excitement in her face telling me all about what she had to do was hilarious, I’m still waiting for the novelty to wear off but for now I’m smiling along with her.
We are currently down 2 cardigans, 1 pinafore and have 2 pairs of hideously scuffed shoes!!
The cardigans I can forgive…they are going in in cardigans and tights and coming home bare legged and in short sleeves so you can see where a cardigan may go missing. But to my knowledge none of them have come home naked, so where the pinafore went is beyond me. 
Homework for the bigger girls is the usual battlefield. 
One sits,concentrates and gets it done, both quickly and correctly.
 The other dawdles, doodles,looks out the window, contemplates the meaning of life, discusses what’s for dinner, argues as to how well she should know her tables, cries because her sister finishes first, tries to convince me that just because it’s called a ‘reader’ book, it doesn’t mean she has to read it…..and repeat!!
The youngest lady has PE tomorrow, this requires the wearing of a track suit, this is not going down well with my dress loving whirly girly.
 Our two attempts to purchase runners during the summer ended in me leaving the shop with firstly a pair of sparkly sandals and secondly a set of fairy wings and a wand. I’m not holding out any hope of a sports scholarship to university for this particular madam.
My little shadow at home is loving all of the one on one attention. 
He gleefully tells the girls what we have been up to and each story ends with the phrase ‘just me and momma’. It shows all over again the Joy of Being Last , your time in the spotlight is that bit longer, and boy is he revelling in it.
So a month in we are surviving, not quite in the swing of it, but getting there. I’m quietly confident that by Easter at the latest we’ll have the routine sorted, and if not Easter then definitely in time for next years summer holidays!!

4 thoughts on “A Month On | School Report”

  1. Oh snap!!! God, snap. Especially the wrecked bit and the homework. I'm shattered! I can't believe how tired I am. It's all go, go, go. The homework – once I get the second lad to the table – is smooth enough. But it's the getting there that is the challenge. Every day they come out jumperless with shirt sleeves. Once the jumper is in the school bag I'm ok. But gosh, life just seems to be so busy, doesn't it? And it's all school stuff! After school activities begin tomorrow for the next 8 weeks. Plus speech therapy. I'm down two pounds in weight already w/out even trying! Every cloud yadda yadda yadda. Thanks for posting this!!

    1. It's crazy how long it takes to get back into it!! I think the better the summer the harder the adjustment. And the bloody tiredness…thinking of a tonic, not for them but for me.

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