Fruity Chicken Curry

I love making a curry from scratch, and while the list of ingredients often seem endless they are usually store cupboard essentials and once bought will be reused often.

However sometimes you need a quick recipe which you can put together in no time…and this is one such recipe.
The addition of both pineapple and chutney takes the heat out of it and makes it a great recipe for all the family. To add some heat and cater for the adult tastes in the house I serve this with my sisters salsa which is super quick and tasty.
6 chicken fillets
3 tablespoons of curry paste ( I use Pataks Rogan Josh)
300ml of cream
1 each of red and yellow pepper finely diced.
1/2 pineapple chopped into small chunks
1 large onion finely diced
1 to 2 tablespoons of Granny Mary’s chutney ( or for non family members any fruit chutney such as Ballymaloe or Mango chutney)
For Salsa
1 small onion very finely diced
1 tomato finely chopped
1 chillie finely chopped
Bunch of coriander…leaves chopped
For the salsa; mix all the ingredients together and leave while you make the curry.
For the curry;
Preheat the oven to 180, lay the chicken on a roasting tray and make a number of slits on the fillets.
Rub one tablespoon of curry paste all over the fillets and roast in the oven for about 25 mins.
While the chicken is cooking you can get on with the rest of the curry.
On a low heat sweat the onions and peppers, in a tablespoon of oil, until the onions are translucent and the peppers are soft. Now add the pineapple and cook for another 5/6 minutes. Add in the remaining two tablespoons of curry paste and cook this for a further 5 minutes. Now add the cream and bring this up to a low simmer.
When the chicken is just cooked, dice it and add to the curry and allow it to simmer on lowest heat for about 15 mins, now add the chutney and season to taste.
Serve with rice and naan bread and some salsa for the grown ups or more adventurous children. 
This lasts great in the fridge for 3/4 days which makes it ideal for the weekend batch cooking 

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    1. You definitely could, you need to simmer it more gently so the coconut milk doesn’t split, which won’t affect the taste, just the appearance. I’ve also made it with natural yoghurt too and it worked well.

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