Morning Glory

My morning routine has changed quite a bit over the last few weeks. Since my husband hurt his back I’m doing all the morning farm jobs and while this can be tiring I have found great pleasure in having time to myself in the early mornings.

One of my favourite places on our farm is this spot here

A picnic bench at the top of one of the most beautiful fields I have ever been in. From here there are stunning views of the Slieve Bloom mountains. You can sit and watch the weather change over the mountains and first thing in the morning it is the most peaceful feeling.
Although the mornings are busy I try to take a few minutes to just sit and realise how lucky I am to be living here. The view is ever changing
From a clear blue sky

To a hazy morning mist that holds the promise of a beautiful day

Sometimes the mountains disappear completely…
Usually this early in the morning I am on my own…but sometimes I have company

And of course, the field is home to these gorgeous guys

Occasionally I have ‘help’ of the small human kind..

There have been stunning sunrises to be admired

And evening sunlight that just had to be snapped..

The children are loving Daddy’s need to drive everywhere!!

And the arrival of our turkeys, destined for Christmas tables, has caused great excitement ( for the kids…not me…they are very naughty when I’m putting them to bed….similar to my children actually!!)

Of course our baby crias are a joy to be around always…

And we are patiently waiting to pick our first ever Hushabye Farm apples…

So although it is a very busy time right now I don’t want to lose sight of all the things I have to be eternally grateful for and am embracing the chance to be Chief Farmer for the moment!
Although I’m enjoying my stint of chief farmer I really hope it will be short lived…get well soon hon, I’m just keeping your wellys warm for you xx

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