This Little Piggy…..Pulled Pork Recipe

Slow cooked meats are suddenly very trendy, for a change this trend is about taking a very inexpensive piece of meat and cooking it slowly to bring out the very best in it. 

A shoulder of pork is relatively cheap and you get a lot of meat for your money.
I bought mine boned and rolled and would have easily fed 6 adults.

I originally intended having this with creamed potatoes and vegetables but because the weather was so nice I ended up serving it in brioche babs ( from Aldi) with some apple chutney for the adults and stewed apple for the children, and home made chips.


1 boned and rolled shoulder of pork
2 cans of cider (classy!!)
Chinese 5 Spice
3 to 4 eating apples
The night before;
Place the pork in a casserole dish ( one with a lid), skin/fat side down.
Pour the cider over the pork, it will come half way up the pork.
On the uncovered pork rub on some Chinese 5 spice.
Allow it to sit in the fridge overnight.
In the morning;
Turn the piece of pork over and now rub the other side of pork with the spice. Turn oven on to 140.
Chop up the apples into quarters and place them in the dish with the cider and pork.
Place the cover on the casserole dish and cook on the middle shelf for 3 1/2 hours, take off the lid and coon for another hour.
Remove the meat from the dish and shred with two forks.
Serve with the accompaniments of your choice and slip blissfully into the inevitable meat coma.
The leftovers from this are almost as good as the main event…lunches sorted for a few days.
This little piggy went to the fridge…and hasn’t been seen since.

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