A Week in Dinners 2015

I’m delighted to be taking part in this Linky hosted by the very lovely Sinead over at Bumbles of Rice.

Bumbles of Rice oneycomb

I took part last year and really enjoyed having a virtual look at what everybody else was eating.
As much as I love cooking I find the weekly grind to come up with meals that everyone will eat, that can be prepared quickly, or made in advance, can suck the joy out of cooking. With children weekday dinners are more fuel than anything fancy!
Seeing what other people cook, real people, often inspires me to try something different.
For this Linky I am posting what we ate this week…..no frill, just real life dinners. 
So here goes;
The kids had Spaghetti and Meatballs which were batch cooked last week and these were from the freezer. Clean plates all round for this.
We had a chorizo, Brie and leek omelette with roasted salad potatoes…easy and on the table in 30 mins

This was another ‘out of the freezer’ dinner. We all had Chilli con Carne and rice. This dish is loved by two of the children, tolerated by one and disliked by the other. I give the children a handful of tortillas to scoop up the chilli as a bribe!
No photo as I was late home and too hungry to take photo!!
I was home today, and surrounded by sick children, so cooked my favourite comfort food…Roast Chicken, Ice Cream (whipped) potatoes, Brussels Sprouts stir fried with bacon and garlic and wilted Kale. Surprising, in spite of the illness this was eaten by everyone.

Due to the ‘confinement’ I decided to try a recipe I had been given for burger buns…they were very nice but probably denser than I would choose for a burger bun. 
To go with them I made homemade burgers, we made our own oven chips and accompanied these with green salad and crispy onions ( soaked in buttermilk for a few hours, dredged in flour and fried…so bad but so good)

clean plates all round.
I was working so the kids had homemade goujons with pesto rice salad, coleslaw and green salad 
We had sweet and sticky pork stir fry…pork steak marinated overnight in soy sauce, ginger, fish sauce, garlic, ginger, caster sugar and rape seed oil and stir fried with veg and served with noodles. Perfect Friday food…quick and very tasty.
So that’s our week in dinners….nothing cheffy, just real life food.
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14 thoughts on “A Week in Dinners 2015”

  1. Everything looks gorgeous! Chorizo in an omelette. YUM!! I'm so unadventurous I would never think of any of these. I especially love your sticky pork stir fry. Might have to make that. One of the boys can't have it due to the fish oil but that's ok. All the more for me! Oink!

    1. Chorizo is my 'go to' for flavour in any dish. The pork is so tasty, you could leave our the fish sauce and maybe add a squeeze of lime juice and extra soy sauce instead!

  2. No! No! Swap me!! Sounds totally delish, especially the onions… Eeek!! I'm so tempted to run out and marinade them now…have them for breakfast 😀

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