Imagining the New Year

I’m so delighted to take part in this Linky hosted by the delightful Helen over at The Busy Mamas.

I love lists…I love the security of them. I love knowing what needs to be done and I really love ticking things off, one by one.
While I’m not a fan of resolutions as such, I do think this time of the year is a great place to start setting out some goals. Christmas has allowed us to rest, to recover from another busy year and gives us the time to take stock. It allows us to look forward and imagine the kind of year we would like and to put in place what is needed to help achieve these goals.
My goals are possibly more aspirational than achievable but by writing them down I know they will have a greater chance of weathering the year ahead so here goes.
Have More Fun
I am hugely guilty of focussing on getting things right and forgetting to see the joy along the way. We are slowly emerging from the fog of babies and I still forget sometimes that we are no longer tied to routines and nap times or changing bags or nappies….the possibilities are endless for spontaneous fun adventures…it is just me who needs to catch up! Days out don’t need to be perfect but they definitely need to be fun.
 Believe More
There are so many things I’d like to do but as soon as an idea forms I’m already talking myself out of it. I will have convinced myself that it won’t work before I’ve even fully developed the idea. Sometime this might be a good thing but this year I want to believe a little more in what I am capable of.
Restrict Screen Time
Surprisingly this restriction applies to me not the children.
I find a constant urge to check my phone, to look at twitter, to flick through Facebook-just for a minute I say-only to emerge, dazed and confused, 30 minutes later wondering who’s shouting at me!
So I’m restricting time spent on it when the children are around….better for me and much better for them.
See The Magic
Every day my children remind me how much magic there is in the world. The sound of hysterical laughter, the mischievous eyes dancing as they plot a trick. Through their eyes I see the beauty of the goldfinch feeding at the window, the humbling expanse of a starry night sky. 
I want to inhale these moments, I want to stop the constant rush and just take the time to see the magic. So I’m borrowing an idea from Kate Takes 5 and using one word to focus my year…..and that is Magic. Their childhoods and our lives, are but fleeting so let’s make them Magic.
I intend to look back on this post as the year goes on and am really hopeful that I will have some much loved ticking to do.
What are your goals or aspiration for the year ahead?

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6 thoughts on “Imagining the New Year”

  1. Oh I do love lists! And I have my goals for 2015 all jotted down!

    Your goals are great …. I'm trying to limit screen time at night. Shitting down at least 30 mins before bedtime 🙂

  2. Such a fabulous list – and one I think has every Mama nodding along. It's amazing how we're all trying to distance ourselves from the gadgets. There's certainly something very invasive about them.
    I hope this is a wonderful year for you and the gang Elizabeth – and as always I'll look forward to reading all about it!
    Thanks for taking part xxx

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