This is a post I’ve been writing in my head for a very long time. 

But how do you quantify the value of a sister, how do you measure the impact she may have on your life?

I have been blessed by, not one, but two amazing sisters. They are my best friends, my soul mates, the very best parts of me. And because they are my sisters they have unending ability to drive me crazy. They revert me to a sulky teenager, they bring out the very best, and the very worst in me.
Sisters are our first ‘best friends’ and if we are lucky they are our truest best friends.They might not always say what you want to hear, but they will always say what you need to hear.
The know ALL the secrets, for that reason alone they are worth keeping close! 
I mean, who else knows that your debs date was somewhat less than desirable, your first kiss was less Hollywood and more Eastenders!
Who else knows that you would have sold your soul for a snog with the cool guy 2 years ahead but walked all over the lovely guy you were actually going out with.
To survive the ups and downs, the tears and tantrums of the teenage years means that your friendship is cemented by much more than shared genetics, and this friendship is the glue than can often hold your world together.
Sisters are the people that you never need to ask for help, they just turn up and do it. 
Sisters know the difference between ‘I’m fine’ ( which means I am fine) and ‘I’m grand’ ( which means come quick, and bring wine!)
Only with a sister does a night in mean, either pyjamas or track suit, hair thrown up, no make up and a great chat, this may or may not be accompanied by wine.
Sisters mean that no matter where you are, once you are together, you are home.
Sisters mean that no explanations are needed, no apologies are required.
Sisters also mean that once you actually go home, regardless of what age you are, the fundamental pecking order applies, and if you are born chief sister, then you will forever remain chief sister.
Sisters are THE BEST and I am grateful everyday for mine.
When I see my daughters squabbling I think, just you wait, you will see how very lucky you are to have each other, hang in there because sister are worth the fight.
Note; I have two wonderful brothers also, whom I adore. Yes, we may have called them ‘The Brats’ for years but nonetheless they are fantastic xx

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