A Tale of Bedtime

So tonight’s bed time with the three year old went exactly like this…

Him: Are Emo and Nemo the same?
Me: No, Emo is a place and Nemo is a fish.
Him: So where did we go today?
Me: We went to Emo
Him: Did we go left or right?
Me: We went left.
Him: Is that this way or that way?
Me: Well you’re pointing up and down, so neither.
Him: What does neither mean?
Me: You need to settle down and go to sleep.
Him: Was the girls name Barbara or Vardra?
Me: Her name is Barbara
Him: I think I’ll call her Vardra
Few minutes of silence
Him: Was the tree big or small?
Me: Which tree?
Him: The big one.
Me: It was big
Him: It was small when it was little
Me: Yes it was, but you need to settle down now and sleep.
20 seconds of silence

Him: Does all poo smell?
Me: Yes, all poo smells.
Him: But what if it wasn’t a smelly poo?
Me: All poo smells.
Him: Does a swans poo smell?
Me: Yes a swans poo smells.
Him: Can I be a swan when I’m a grown up?
Me: No, your a person, so you can’t be a swan.
Him: But I want to be a swan.
Me: Well if you go straight to sleep now then maybe you can be a swan when you grow up.
Him: You need to stop talking Mommy, I’m tired and can’t sleep with all your talking!!!!
Pass the wine!!

8 thoughts on “A Tale of Bedtime”

  1. Love it! As strange as it sounds, I'm looking forward to conversations like this with my smallie. At the moment, he gets frustrated when he can't get the words out, which frustrates me when I can't understand him, which frustrates him. Ah, vicious circles!


  2. Oh that's so funny!! Luke is trying these delay tactics the last week, he names out everyone and I have to tell him where they are,2 nights ago he started asking to go down stairs while I was trying to put him to bed! I look forward to more bed time conversations..so long as he actually goes to bed at the same time 😉

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