Falling In Love Again

My whole life I have been a reader. I never remember a time when I didn’t love books. In our house growing up there was a reading hour, no TV, no talking, just reading. In a busy house with 5 children it was heaven to have that time marked out , to be given that space to read.

In secondary school, there were so many nights when I would be found reading instead of studying, reading instead of sleeping…just one more chapter, just one more page…please.
My mum kept a lot of our childhood books and on a trip home recently she gave me some of them. Looking through them was like being transported back in time, it seemed like only moments since I lay in my childhood bed, reading these stories, being caught up in the treads of these wonderfully weaved tales. 
My love of reading wasn’t always popular with my older sister who, on return from university, would hide my book for the weekend to ensure I spent my time with her and not buried in a book!
My love of reading has never wained and I always have a little pile of books by my bed waiting to be read. Finding time to read them has become more of a struggle though.
Joining a bookclub has been a great way to discover new books and also to ensure I keep up the habit of a lifetime.
For the last few weeks we’ve had very interrupted internet service and have had a full week of none at all. Once the withdrawal symptoms passed I found myself sitting in the evening, being drawn into story after story. I read three books in one week and I remembered how I used to get through so many books, once upon a time.
The internet is fantastic, I am a self confessed social media addict and I love to blog, but this break has reminded me of my first love and rediscovering it has been been like falling in love again.
Today is World Book Day, a reminder to all of us that books are magical, books can take us to places we’ve never been, to lands that have never existed and as long as you have a book you are never alone.

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  1. I remember when I could read book after book but I find I lose interest now so easily. I read childrens stories a day does that count haha. I must head down the library and get myself a good book!

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