It's A Boy!

There is blue, but also pink.

There is writing on the wall.
There are mud tracks on the carpet.
There are tractors in the hall.
There is mischief in your eyes.
There is nothing safe from you.
Your favourite mealtime chatter 
Are stories about poo!
You’re a big boy, you’re my baby
You have us all entranced
You get away with murder
When you get the chance.
You have me wrapped around your fingers. 
You drive me up the wall
You’re a tornado, causing damage
Yet, we’re at your beck and call.
Just when I’m about to lose it
When I can’t take it anymore
You look at me with those gorgeous eyes
And that smile that I adore.
You have one hand causing chaos
The other’s wrapped around my heart.
Just when I think I’ll burst with love 
You do a real loud fart.
That is what’s so wonderful
How you know that ‘it’s a boy’
One minute he’s your ‘bestest’ friend 
The next he’s beating you with his toy.
You are loud and you are crazy
You make me laugh and you make me cry
You have stolen my heart forever
My gorgeous blond haired boy.

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