Love Your Cooksbooks| A Challenge and Future Linky

There are few things that I love more than looking through a new cookbook. I love the opening up of possibilities, imagining the dinner parties I will host, the delicious lunches I will prepare, the expansion of my children’s palate. Then reality hits like a freight train and I resort to the old reliables at dinner time. Somehow all this hasn’t stopped purchasing many, many cookbooks. I have quite the collection at this point and this need to purchase shows no sign of abating. In order to justify this ongoing addiction I  am a vowing to cook a new recipe from each book I own and then I will blog the results, I’m aiming for two new recipes a month, one family recipe and one ‘grown up’ one.
I’m going to do one from an old cookbook and one from a new(ish) one.
I would LOVE it if anyone would like to join in. The next post will be a Linky where you can post what new recipes you have tried, or if you have tried these two then you can blog your results and families reaction. If you do not have a blog you can email your recipes, and include pictures if you like, to and I will share them here.
The first recipe I have chosen is from this fantastic book Dinner.

I love that it does exactly what it says on the tin, and is filled with brilliant ideas for dinners to suit all tastes.
The second recipe is from one of my oldest, but most frequently used books. It’s ancient looking now, the food photography leaves a lot to be desired by today’s standard, but the recipes are great. They are family food and they work.

So here they are, my two recipes.
I’ll be back in one month to let you know how I get on.
Chicken,Apple and Flageolet Bean Casserole.

Chicken, Rocket and Pine Nut Pasta.

11 thoughts on “Love Your Cooksbooks| A Challenge and Future Linky”

  1. I love Domini! Nevin is great too but sometimes his recipes ask for odd ingredients. Lilly Higgins is another one. Mind you, I don;t own cook books by any of these people but Lilly was on with Anton Savage some time ago and she mentioned trying to fill her two boys with good food and my ears pricked up immediately.

    1. I love the Dinner book and I definitely think I'll cook a lot from it. Neven used to be more home cook but recently is very 'cheffy'. I meant to buy Lilly's book but am trying to resist at the minute!

  2. Oh I do love my cookbooks, actually didn't own a Neven one until the children gave me his new one for Christmas. Love both Lilly Higgin's books, Susan Jane White's is another fabourite as is the Happy Pear. Actually I could chat away about cookbooks all night, soo many good ones!
    I'll look out for the linky, would love to join in 🙂

  3. Blogger ate my comment – or it didn't and this is a badly paraphrased duplicate!!

    Don't freak but that casserole is really a fancy coddle!! Love Nevin's old stuff – he's gone too fancy in recent times.

    Looking forward to reading results and bunging in a post or two – even though I don't actually have access to a working oven at the moment!!

    1. Fancy coddle…I'm intrigued!! Delighted you are joining in and thanks for taking the time to comment a second time…flipping Blogger!!

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