Love Is All You Need

I am not at all political…much to my mothers disgust. She would read all political angles, analyse every statement, question every ‘fact’…and then still vote Fine Gael!!!

I vote in every election because I know how hard my predecessors have fought to ensure that women have a vote and I will not let them down.
Often the subject of the election is of little interest to me…it’s often the same story with a different face.
But this is different…this hits home. The vote on the 22nd of May is a vote for Equality, a vote to ensure that your children, and mine, that your siblings, and mine, that your friends, and mine, have the same rights.
It is a vote to ensure that the overriding reason for marriage is love. It is as simple, and as complex as this. If you love someone, love them for all the right reasons, love them not only in spite of their faults but because of them, then you deserve to be together, you deserve to have your union recognised in the exact same way as heterosexual couples have for generations.
 A life-long commitment is  
always going to have it’s ups and downs but we are all in this together, we all deserve the same recognition…so please, turn out in huge numbers on the 22nd, use the vote we have fought so hard for…vote for love, vote YES…because love is all we need.

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