The A to Z of me!

Thank you to the ever lovely Helen from The Busy Mamas  blog for the tag.

Now bear with me as I talk about myself over the next 26 letters, and be grateful that I’m not Cambodian because it would be 74 ‘interesting’ facts about me!!
A for alpacas…say no more.
B for Brien, part of my maiden name and was forever used by our customers as they said ‘ I’ll meet you in Brien’s for a pint’
C is for Cork. So proud to be from here, my only regret is how mild my accent is now, having lived outside Cork for longer than I lived in it.
D is for demented, which I feel quite ALOT of the time.
E is for Elizabeth which usually means I’m in trouble, otherwise it’s Liz (almost everyone) or Lil (my dad and sister Jen)or Aunty Lilly( my nephews and niece) or Lillibean ( my brother in law Stefano) 
F is for food…love it all!
G is for greedy…see above.
H is for hunting. I grew up horse riding and fox-hunting, never knew it was ‘controversial’ until I went to college.
I is for Italy, the first holiday my husband and I went on…I brought 13 pairs of shoes with me, he invented a new rule called ‘what you bring, you carry’, lesson learnt for me!
J is for Jen, one of my two AMAZING sisters, so grateful everyday to have them both.
K is for kindness, always be kinder than you need to be…a motto to live by.
L is for Love…love madly, love freely and love often…because love is all you need  ( on that note VOTE YES)
M is for ‘mummy’ the proudest moniker I have ever had…don’t ever call me ‘mammy’ though, it wouldn’t end well.
N is for Noah…because he is the baby ( yes, yes I know, he is a spoiled brat, but he’s my spoiled brat)
O is for Optometrist…my qualification, something I’m very proud of.
P is for polocrosse which I played, and loved, all through my 20’s and early 30’s.
Q is for quantum physics which is what I originally wanted to study…yes I’m a nerd!
R is for red…well, I am from Cork after all.
S is for savoury…I would happily live without sweets or chocolate but cannot pass anything savoury. As a child I used to dream that Tayto would make an Easter Egg out of crisps and then my Lenten sacrifice would have been worth it!
T is for my newest nephew who is travelling from Australia to meet us, I can’t wait…he is the fifth generation of Thomas in our family.
U is for U2, they were my husbands favourite band and he proposed to me at one of their concerts. 
V is for vagina, silly me thought it was best to use the correct words for body parts when talking to the children. Backfired spectacularly when the two youngest were fighting at the school gate and one ROARED ‘he kicked me in the vagina’…que mortified mother and another lesson learnt.
W is for wine. My companion on weekend nights.
X is for Xavier, the name of my first boyfriend…total lie but what else can you do with the letter X!!
Y is for Yes…vote yes because it’s important.
Z  is for Zzzzzz, hugely lacking in my life over the last 8 years. It is amazing how you can get by on a few hours sleep. They are worth every lost hour though.
So that’s a little slice of me and I’m tagging Denise from 

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  1. Oh my god I always wanted a Tayto easter egg,surely by now a crisp egg shoold have been invented?! I'm definitely a savoury person too, pass me the crisps..all of them!!

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