This Is Forty

So this day last week I turned forty…even typing that now I find it hard to believe. I have no age issues and would never think to hid my age but some part of me can’t fathom how the hell this happened. It only feels like a few short years since I turned 21.

 Yet here I am, older, no wiser, and more wrinkled having said goodbye to my 30’s.

We celebrated in style, with a few nights out, I informed himself that turning 40 involved a birthday season, but I have now been informed that ‘the season’ is over and I’m no longer allowed to mention it, so of course I’m here writing a post about it!

These children aren’t all mine!!

Check out the hat!!

Indulge me in a quick look back to my 30’s. 
The day of my 30th birthday I was Paul’s girlfriend, by the time my 31st birthday arrived we had gotten engaged, gotten married, and just announced that we were expecting our first baby…busy year! And every year of my 30’s seems to have continued at that pace. 4 children, 1 house build, numerous animals, starting an alpaca farm and so much more has been crammed into those 10 years.
I have been only too happy for the busyness of it all but now we are emerging from under the sea of nappies and buggies, we get the occasional full nights sleep, and we can go places without the wheels coming off the wagon ( mostly).
There is so much to look forward to. My chief aim is to wake up each day and be grateful…growing older is a privilege and one not afforded to everyone.
So here’s to growing older disgracefully, to embracing the wrinkles, to accepting I’ll never be skinny. 
Here’s to not giving a hoot what people think of me, to great nights out and even better nights in.
Here’s to laughing with friends and family and fitting as many hugs as my children will tolerate into each day.
This is forty…and it’s going to be great.

11 thoughts on “This Is Forty”

  1. Happy belated burpday! You look amazing!! 40's not so bad. Now 50 on the other hand……………………………….I'm already stockpiling the wine and tissues and it's still the best part of a decade away!

    1. Thank you. Looking at my mum and sisters I'm pretty sure it's all good. They are still having a ball well into their sixties!

  2. Belated happy birthday. The 40s are great, you really don't give a hoot about anything. I'm not so sure what the 50s have that's enticing though 😉

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