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The very lovely Sinead over at Bumbles of Rice is running a make up Linky…all about looking ( or trying to) human on three hours sleep.

As someone who has spend many, many years surviving on below recommended levels of sleep I felt I just had to join in.

I would firstly like to say that, despite wearing it since early teens, I know very little about make up.
Anything that I do know about make up can be credited to my always gorgeous younger sister.
I also need to admit that I would NEVER EVER EVER go out without some form of make up on. In fact, if you do happen to encounter me bare-faced, in public, call an ambulance immediately as I am clearly very, very ill.
So now we have all that established, let me introduce you to my make up bag…oh no, that’s right, I can’t.
Why? Well a certain small terrorist, who goes by the name of Noah, thought it would be great fun to pour not one, but two bottles of nail polish all over the contents of my make up bag…and the mirror…and the dressing table…oh and the carpet. Yes, he’s still alive…just!!
So I will tell you about what’s left in my make up collection.
It has to be MAC…love the coverage and the fact that it goes on and then I don’t have to think about it again until I take it off…essential when sleep deprived and thinking actually hurts.
Of course MAC hates us country bumpkins and insist on only being sold in major cities which make my love of MAC a pain in the neck. If desperate and have run out I use L’Oreal True Match as a poor-relation substitute.

Anything to improve the deathly pallor of the sleep deprived. Currently using Rimmel blusher..does the job but would love the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

When it comes to mascara I’m an ‘any port in a storm’ kind of girl. Currently using Rimmel Night to Day which great.

I labour under the illusion that I can do smoky eyes but truth be told I just do a lot of smudging of dark colours.
I ‘invested’ in a cheap and cheerful ‘smoky eyes’ set which the aforementioned terrorist destroyed.

Serious confession time here. I almost never wear lipstick because I can’t seem to find one that doesn’t seem to instantly make me look like I’m ‘on the game’.
I’ve tried so many and in the space of one application I go from ‘regular woman on night out’ to ‘ageing hooker’ so I simply refrain and stick some Vaseline Rosy Lips.
So there you have it…my Barefaced beauty confessions. I would just like to add that in times of need a light skim of fake tan can do wonders to hide the torture of sleeplessness.
If you would like to join in, or read some other contributions to this Linky just click here.

6 thoughts on “Barefaced | Not on Your Life”

  1. On the game, lol!!! I tend to look clown like with "blush" on! Catrice are cheap as chips as chips can be (penneys stock this brand) and they do gorgeous crayon type chubby stick things for your lips that are like a tinted balm. Can't go wrong. They also double up as a cream blush. Unclown like!

  2. Love the lipstick comment – it took me SO long to find a red lipstick that didn't make me look like a lady of the night or like I was a child who had stolen my Mammys makeup! (the two are very different, I assure you). Some fab additions, everyone is raving about the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Stack, I must check it out and stick it on the Christmas List!

  3. I never wear lipstick for the exact same reason! And I am currently wishing I could leave the house with a bag on my head following laser eye surgery. That's when dark glasses come in handy. The make up will be trowelled on again on Tuesday (not really)

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