Oreo and Strawberry Tart.

You know when you promise to bake something with the children, but then it turns out that you don’t have all the ingredients!

Well this happened a few weeks ago and the most wonderful little tartlets were created, that didn’t even require baking,every cloud has a silver lining.
I made these as individual tartlets ( it made 6 ) but it would look very impressive as one large tart ( always giggle when typing this…big child that I am!) 

You will need six small tartlet tins with removable bases or one large one.

300g of Oreos ( one packet) 
100g of butter,melted
200g of cream, whipped
200g of mascarpone cheese
2 tablespoons of caster sugar
1 punnet of strawberries
Blitz the Oreos in a food processor until you have a fine crumb.
Add the melted butter and blitz for another minute or two.
Use this as the base of the tarts. Press it in very firmly and shape it using a spoon so that it comes up to the edge of the tin.
Place in the freezer for 30 mins.
Whip the cream using a hand held blender, add in some of the strawberries and the caster sugar while whipping.
Now mix trough the mascarpone cheese.
When the bases have firmed up, spread the cream and mascarpone mix evenly over them. Top with the remaining strawberries ( and any other berries).
Refrigerate for a short time before serving.
These are sweet but light…utterly delicious and a perfect ‘no bake’ summer dessert.

2 thoughts on “Oreo and Strawberry Tart.”

    1. You could just use cream and strawberries or you could try cream and creme fraise, the mascarpone just gives a tang to it and stops it being too rich and I thing creme fraise would do the same.

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