Two Peas in A Pod

You are so close.
You’re favourite thing is when people mistake you for twins.
You share your space so easily, and carve your own little world in our busy family.
You whisper plans to each other, you plot to escape from ‘the little ones’
You are each so different and yet you blend seamlessly, at times finishing each other’s sentences and laughing at jokes no one else gets.
I watch you both and hope that this closeness remains. I hope that the best friends that come and go will never fracture the bond between you.
I also hope that you will find space to allow your little sister in sometimes, she gets glimpses into your world but is never  truly allowed to be part of it. 
I can’t force this inclusion but I hope as time goes by she will earn her place.
For now I am so grateful to see your friendship grow, my two big girls, like two peas in a pod.

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