Another First

With our children, and in particular our last, it is easy to eulogise ‘the last’. 

The last breastfeed, the last night in a cot, the last time to use the buggy. They all hit harder when it is our baby. 

But tomorrow I am celebrating a big first. My baby begins Montessori and I am determined to be excited for him, this is a step in his exciting journey and it’s one to be celebrated.

This little boy, who rules the kingdom of his home, sometimes like a benevolent  king, often like a mini dictator. He wears his crown of ‘Noah the Best Boy’ with confidence and ease, sure that no one in this house will steal his Best Boy title.
But tomorrow he will encounter other best boys, other best girls and time will tell how he will deal with this. 
I know for sure though that he will return with great stories, he will make his first, unrelated,friends, he will discover the joy of learning and his small world will open up to a host of possibilities.
So tomorrow when my heart tightens as I send him on his way, I will be lonesome, but not sad, I will be there to celebrate this next, and exiting step.
In the ever brilliant words of Dr Seuss 

And remember, your Noah The Best Boy Crown will be here waiting for you when you return.

4 thoughts on “Another First”

  1. Isn't that one of the biggest and perhaps hardest lessons for them to learn – that there are others who are as good as, if not better than, they are. Hope he had a wonderful day.

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