The Care Box

Whenever my mother visits, or hears of anyone within a 10 mile radius of her, visiting me, there is the inevitable phone call. 

“Will I send you up some jam?”
“Would you like some carrots, what about onions, I’ve soup in the freezer, will I send up some?”
She never arrives without a box of goodies, each item carefully wrapped in newspaper.  
These are not bought, but made or grown at home.
They are not fancy nor expensive but are nonetheless priceless.
They are a taste of home, and are always welcome.

There is always Granny’s Special Jam…there would be war if there wasn’t.
There is homemade chutney, from mid summer there is carrots and often tomatoes and later on there are onions.
This week my uncle was coming for a visit and he was tasked with bringing the ‘care box’ which included a huge box of hand picked cooking apples aswell as lots of pastry for the freezer., I’m under strict instruction to make apple tart for my tart loving husband!
Expressions of gratitude are usually batted away with remarks like ‘sure haven’t I plenty of time to make them’.
As grateful as I am for the contents, I’m even more grateful for the sentiment.
The box is far more than the sum of it’s parts.
It means that she is always thinking of us.
It means that she is still looking out for us.
And it means that even at forty I have an amazing mum who is still there to ‘mother’ me.
For all of these things I’m so grateful. 
I hope one day to be the provider of a care box, and all the sentiment that goes with it.
And for Dad, if you are reading, I know you think that Mum sending up chutney is just a sign that she planted to many tomato plants again this year, you may be right, and she always does but the deliciousness of her chutney makes it worth it😊

9 thoughts on “The Care Box”

  1. Such a lovely post! Reminds me of Granny Fitzpatrick when we used to visit. The car would be loaded with turnips, hot homemade bread and other stuff for our journey home.All wrapped carefully and full of love.
    Like mother,like daughter xxx

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