Ten Years On

I’m sitting here this evening remembering an evening 10 years ago. Like this evening, the rain lashed and the wind howled, I sat by a fire surrounded by people I love and I can still remember how happy I felt. 

Happy, because the following day I was getting married. 
There were no nerves, just bubbling excitement and a secret hope that the child of Prague would do it’s thing and make the sun shine!

The following day dawned clear and blue and at ten past two on the second of December I married the man of my dreams.
Some parts of the day are as clear as if they were yesterday.
My dad having to wash the car on the way to the church…the joys of rural life in winter!
My delight on seeing my future husband’s funky socks under his formal suit.
My husband’s gorgeous speech and my sister’s beautiful words on our big day. 
Some parts feel as though they were a lifetime ago, I look at the pictures and I can’t quite remember what it felt like to be that girl, that girl before marriage, before children, I look at her face but struggle to remember what it felt like to be her.
Ten years on and so much has changed. 
There have been some amazing times and some downright hard times. 
Marriage, like life, is not always easy, life with four children adds another layer of chaos.
But here we are, still figuring it out together, and there is no one I would rather be figuring it out with.
So tomorrow we will celebrate our 10th anniversary…here’s to many, many more.

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