A Short Story About A Long Night

Browsing through recipe books must be bad for your health, why else would you contemplate starting a dinner at nine o clock on a school night just because you have all the ingredients?

The following is how my bright idea coupled with crazy midnight creeping children resulted in approx 7 minutes of actual sleep.

9:00pm Start browning the chicken, 50 minutes later still faffing round with browning various meats and chopping herbs, onions and apples, a full hour and 10 minutes after starting I put the bloody thing in the oven, where it now has to stay for an hour.
10.15 Decide I may as well make the batter for pancakes since I’ve to wait up for dinner to cook.
11.15 Finally get to bed. Close my eyes for all of 12 seconds before 6 year old is in. One hour of rubbing her legs to ease growing pains and I finally give in and decide to get the Calpol. Potter into kitchen and nearly die when the dog, who doesn’t look like the sharpest knife in the drawer, has figured out how to open his crate and jumps up to say hello!
12.30 Legs better and I’ve recovered from the hound’s greeting and I try to get back to sleep.
1.00 Smallest boy has a bad dream and insists on me hopping into his single bed with him…waaaaagh!
1.15 Smallest boy decides he needs some water from the fridge, goes to get some and wakes the dog who starts to bark.
1.30 Child and dog settled, me trying to get comfy/fit in smallest bed in the world as his lordship has ruled out moving to the spare (double) bed!!!
Spent one hour panicking about not getting enough sleep, while simultaneously trying to tell my brain to shut the hell up and sleep.
Sometime around 3 I finally drift off only to wake at 5.30 in a panic that I’ve slept in.
5.45 Give up, get up and fall lovingly on the coffee machine.
How many hours to bedtime again….

4 thoughts on “A Short Story About A Long Night”

  1. Pox. It's amazing that a small amount of disruption interrupts the night completely. I hate that 'Oh my God I'm up in two hours and I've had no sleep. How will I survive the day?'. The funny thing is the day is often not as bad as the night.
    Thank goodness you like Coffee. Hope you've had a bit of sleep since.
    Actually your part about the growing pains reminded me of a young girl at the pool I teach. She is not an Irish national but speaks english well. She was telling me she had very sore legs last Saturday.

    'All day Tric, every minute. Then my father he say I am growing, that is the pain. Oh My God Tric I grew all day!'.

    I still laugh as I write it, so hopefully your little one is even taller now too.

    1. I still recall every childhood ache being dismissed as 'growing pains''!! Thank goodness for coffee ( and wine) makes parenting tolerable!

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