The Hour

6.08am and my alarm goes, after months of this I’m usually awake just before it goes, I groan and spend a moment wishing I could stay a little longer and then I get up.
Downstairs there is quiet, the dog is left out and the coffee maker goes on, everything is moving slowly. The sun is a long way yet from rising and I’ve no idea what weather the day will hold. 
I potter through my morning jobs, lunches to finished off, the dishwasher gets emptied and the last few things get put out for breakfast.
And still there is quiet. Coffee is made and I have a look at the morning paper online, check social media and have my breakfast.
It’s not yet 7 and I luxuriate in these moment, where I have some time to sit, to get ready for the day to do what needs to be done with no interruption, with no audience.
It won’t be long before I’m joined by the two smaller children, who have yet to learn the art of sleeping in, but for right now this silence is golden.
There are many mornings when I would love to turn over for another while but I know that those extra few minutes in bed are nothing compared with this hour to myself.
This hour that saves each day, which changes the mornings from a full on panic to something saner, which allows me to leave for work relatively unfrazzeled.
This hour…it’s worth it.

2 thoughts on “The Hour”

  1. Very rarely I get that hour to myself, to drink my coffee, do my make up without a 2 year old trying to put it on for me. He has yet to learn the art of sleeping in too so most mornings I carry him downstairs with me but the that snatched bit of time in a morning is delightful 🙂

  2. I know so many people who recommend this and it sounds so lovely and so peaceful, and yet I know I could never, ever do it – I'm the worst at getting up in our house. I wonder is it just genetic – my husband is so great at getting up and getting the kettle on before the kids wake. And making tea for me!

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