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A lovely fellow blogger Awfully Chipper  is running a linky based on a very simple premise…things that say ‘me’. She has a gorgeous post which is so worth a read, so head over here for a look at what inspired it.

Trying to think of things that say me isn’t as easy as I first though. It was tempting to think of things that I’d like to say me but that wouldn’t be fair. I asked the children who were understandably confused by this line of questioning on a Tuesday evening and so said they needed time to think!
Eventually between us we came up with some of the things that say me.

My constant companion, it’s with me from first thing in the morning and I’m seldom more than a few minutes away from a cup. My love of has seen me race down the avenue when I see my nespresso delivery coming…the addiction is strong!!
Flip Flops

I hadn’t realised this until the children pointed it out, I then realised how many pairs I have and how I have a pair on at some point of every day, even in winter.
My Phone

Not my finest attribute but it’s true that it’s never too far from me and there ‘may’ be some separation anxiety if we are apart for too long!

No discription of me would be complete without mentioning food. From cooking it, reading about it, writing about it, thinking about it and most importantly eating it. Food is a huge passion of mine and discovering a new recipe or trying a new restaurant is what makes me happy.

It was unanimously agreed that these are the object that most describes me. I find it unfathomable to go anywhere without a book. My older sister used to hide whatever book I was reading when she returned from university, just to ensure I would speak to for the weekend! I love new books in the way some people love new clothes. That I married a man who doesn’t read is still a shock to me and proves without doubt that love can help you overcome all prejudices!  
So there you have it, a little snippet of me. If you’d like to join in, or if you’d like to read some of the other link ups then click in the Awfully Chipper link above and have a look.

11 thoughts on “Me | by Me”

  1. Great look at what makes you you. I too married a book free man and gave birth to four book free children, despite years of story reading, story telling and books all over the house. I despair.
    Love all your flip flops. Quite a collection.

  2. Funny how nearly all us bloggers are making reference to books! πŸ˜‰ Mine does read but despairingly slowly as I throw something else at him and say oh you'd LOVE this knowing he'll never get to it!

    1. Eeeeek, I'm starting to sound like a hippy. It's a good job I didn't add in my other favourite object which is the radio, I'd move swiftly from hippy to aging hippy!! πŸ˜€

  3. Great post. I hear ya on the food one. Totally the same here. You've also reminded me to continue reading my book and get off the bloody internet. You can only imagine which will be top of my list… #internetaddict

  4. Oh that's funny – I deliberately didn't read all the posts before I did mine, so that I wouldn't be swayed in my choices. I had spotted your coffee pic but didn't know you had flip flops too! And I totally get you about the difference between how the kids might define us and how we'd like to define ourselves, and finding a middle ground after some confused questioning πŸ™‚

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