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So I’ve been a bit behind on my meal plans since the holidays but now that we are all back in our routines I’m back planning. Here are the meals that we will be having this week.


Homemade burgers, chips, coleslaw and salad. This was requested by the smallest boy who, having made great progress, has regressed to rejecting 50% of the food that’s offered to him…sigh!


Lamb Koftas, flat bread, hummus, pesto rice salad and chicken and chorizo skewers and harrisa flavoured yoghurt dressing. Only 2 people will eat all of this but there is enough there that everyone will eat some of it.


This is a quick dinner day so it will be pasta with a homemade tomato sauce for the children and the addition of tuna ( I love Shines Wild Irish Tuna from Super Valu) capers and anchovies make a grown up version of this.


The universally popular Lasagna with garlic bread.


Sweet and  Sticky pork stir fry and we will probably have aromatic duck with pancakes also ( I get the Specially Selected one from Aldi…it’s very popular here)

Soups, Snacks and Treats

The ongoing effort for healthy variety in school lunches continues. Simple scones were a popular addition last week and toasted pumpkin seeds were reasonably well received. This week I’m adding some baked corn tortillas to their lunch boxes to have with hummus.

We are also baking some raspberry swirls from Rachel Allens Home Cooking book for after school pick me ups.

I’ve celeriac in the fridge so no doubt it will join some other veg to make a vegetable soup and for my work lunches I’m making this Cabbage, Coconut and Chilli Soup

Here’s hoping that we stay on-plan. As ever I’d love to hear what’s on your menu this week

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