I’m joining in with author and fellow blogger Awfully Chipper in her linky looking at snap shots of her life right now. If you feel like joining in, or if you want to read some other contributions just click here.

Listening To:

Im pretty sure most people’s answer to this would be a song or album but for me it’s an audiobook. I love audiobooks to while away my commutes and at the moment I’m listing to The Trouble with Goats and Sheep. It’s a great story and is beautifully written.


I pretty much stopped watching television a few years ago, with the exception of the odd house programme, but I’m slowly trying to get back into it. At the moment the girls and I are watching Gilmore Girls. We are late to the GG party but I’m really enjoying it, and occasionally find myself asking ‘ What would Lorelai do?’ in an effort to be a somewhat more chilled out mum ( failing miserably at this BTW!)


My 7 year old LOVES board games and is forever looking for someone to play with her. The most willing participant is her brother who is poor at following rules ( this is the nicest way possible to say he is a consummate cheater) so I’m usually roped in to  play the game and to keep an eye on him. Game of choice at the moment is The Game Of Life


I’m reading Sebastian Barry’s Days Without End which I’m struggled with. The writing is beautiful but the western style narrative isn’t something I’m enjoying and it’s taken me three quarters of the book to actually care anything for the characters.

Looking Forward To:

The Easter Break. We have no childminder at present so there is a lot of ‘winging it’ being done. I’m looking forward to a bit of breathing space from the juggle!


In an effort to get a handle on my coffee consumption I’ve been trying to drink herbal teas…it’s  just not the same though.

Also Gin, with so many lovely Irish gins available, it would be a shame not to try them.


My glasses, all the time. After years of just needing them for driving I’m now finding I need them for almost everything except reading…I’m seriously unimpressed with this.


Everything, as per usual! Also starting to move away from the comforting food of winter and having some warm salads which are such a welcome change this time of the year.

Working On:

While my husband is busy with the physical work of preparing the old cottage in the yard for renovations I’m busy looking at finishes that I think will work for it…I definitely think he got the short straw in this arrangement.

Permanently Frustrated By:

Dirty floors…I’m pretty sure I yell ‘wipe you feet’ and ‘shoes off in the house’ a hundred times a day. An utterly pointless excersise when the feet-wiping, shoe-removing children are followed into the house by two dogs who obey no instructions!


Working a three day week. I would normally be working four days a week so this extra day at home is like getting extra breathing space, time isn’t rushing though my fingers as it normally would and everyone is feeling the benefit.

Not Enjoying:

The financial implications of a three day week. Of well, I guess every silver lining has to have its cloud.





8 thoughts on “Snapshot”

  1. I am the same with the dirty floors, though since buying myself a steam mop it doesn’t bother me as much. Bucket and mop floor cleaning was my least favorite activity. Good luck with the cottage. I bet it will be stunning when complete.

    1. Isn’t it just, such a lovely upbeat programme and such a lovely portrayal of a teenage girl.

  2. I feel your pain on the dirty floors. I didn’t realise how much is tracked in when you have an outdoir space. Even the cat tracks in mud!

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