A Love Letter | Of Sorts

Nothing feels quite the same without you.

The easy carefree days have halted and daily grind and drudgery has taken its place.

Your ability to wash away the stains of the day, to return things to a sparking kind of loveliness is something that I never fully appreciated. I took you for granted and now I’m paying the price.

The gentle hum of your presence as I pottered about the kitchen has been replaced by a haunting silence.

What was once my happy space in the house has become a place of sadness and frustration.

When I was told that nothing could be done for you, I didn’t comprehend how much I’d miss you, I didn’t realise the hours I would spend mourning your loss.

But now the enormity of it has hit home, my hands are cracked and sore, my patience has run out and it is time…

I have to admit that I can no longer do without.

And so, dear hardworking dishwasher, after a hellish week without you, a week where I seemed perpetually tied to the kitchen sink, where I finally resorted to making the children use disposable dishes, it’s time for a new one to take your place.

I promise I will love this one just as much, and hope that I NEVER have to wash another dish again.



5 thoughts on “A Love Letter | Of Sorts”

  1. I know what you are going through. We went a month without a dishwasher earlier this year and I was fit to be tied. The house was a state and I was ready to crack up by the time the new one finally arrived. We’ve got a Bosch Silence Plus now and are really happy with it so far.

    1. Is it so hard to actually have the kitchen tidy, like there is always something waiting to be washed…it’s torture ( in a 1st works problem kind of way)

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