Mrs Egg

Glorious Eggs! Growing up on a farm in Cork we didn’t have hens ,now I often wonder why but I guess Mum was busy rearing her children and helping dad on the farm and they hens […]

RIP Sumo the Pig

Sumo was our beloved pot bellied pig….she was huge and black and once described as “so ugly she was almost pretty” !!She passed away last night after just 3 days of being not just herself. […]

A Brief History Of Our Alpacas

We began our journey with Alpacas just over 3 yrs ago. As I mentioned earlier my husband wandered off for a few minutes at Tullamore Show and returned having bought 3 of them!!. To be fair […]

Savoy Cabbage with Coconut and Chilli

I am a total magpie when it comes to recipes, I have folders full of newspaper cutting and scraps of paper with recipes written on them. I love reading and love collecting them. However this […]