Farm Tales | The Story of Shadow

A few years ago, while on cria-watch, my daughter spotted movement in the shadow of the hawthorn hedge than ran the length of the field. She raced over to find a newly born cria, just […]

Farm Tales | Billy and Betty the Pygmy Goats

It’s hard to imagine now, but when we moved here first we hadn’t any plans to be farmers. We wanted to live in the countryside and have a dog perhaps and there may have been […]

Summer Time And The Living Is Easy | A Trip Down Memory Lane

One of my favourite times of the year growing up was late May/early June. It heralded the imminent arrival of summer and all the promise that that held. It also meant for us farm children […]

The Reluctant Farmer | Sunday Shenanigans

Sunday’s are for relaxing…right? Well it would seem the the chief farmer never got that memo!  ‘We need to move the alpacas’ he announced last Sunday, stifling a groan I asked which ones, ‘just the […]

How To Be A Perfect Farm Wife | A Review

Some months ago I was both honoured and delighted to be asked by the lovely Lorna Sixsmith if I would fill out a questionnaire on life as a ‘farm wife’. Lorna has previously written a […]

The Reluctant Farmer | Emu to You

My latest piece for Irish Country Living “It’s e-miu Mum, not e-moo” she said. Right now I’m not too concerned about how it’s pronounced I’m just wonder why there is not one, but two, emus […]

The Reluctant Farmer | The Birds and the Bees

My latest piece for Irish Country Living Here on the farm there are many things we take for granted when it come to our children. For instance, they readily accept that animals pass away, when you […]