Meal Plan Monday | What We Eat

This weeks meal plan has been driven by a clear out of the freezer and the pantry. While I’m usually great at clearing out the fridge, I’m not so great at rummaging through the pantry […]

Feeding Fussy Eaters

There have been so many articles written about feeding fussy eaters that you might imagine there isn’t much left to say, but the ubiquitous advice that you should make your food animal shaped or hide the […]

Meal Plan Monday | What We Eat

There was no meal plan published last week, life sometimes gets in the way and it was a ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ kind of week, but everyone got fed so we survived. […]

Meal Plan Monday | What We Eat

So it’s that time of the week again and meal plans are sorted. Here’s what we are eating this week. Monday Today we are having Ham Hock Risotto. I had this on a night out […]

Meal Plan Monday| What We Eat

Although I did my meal plan earlier today I’m only getting round to posting this now! It feels like I blink sometimes and suddenly it’s Monday again and a new plan needs to be written.  […]

Meal Plan Monday | What We Eat

There was no meal plan last week as the children were away for a few days, back to normality today and here’s what we will be eating this week. The usual rummage through the fridge […]

Meal Planning Monday | What We Eat

Monday is my day off, I use the word off lightly though and a more accurate description would be its my unpaid work day! Its the day that I make some attempt to keep things […]