The A to Z of me!

Thank you to the ever lovely Helen from The Busy Mamas  blog for the tag. Now bear with me as I talk about myself over the next 26 letters, and be grateful that I’m not […]

On Communions Eve | Because You Are Eight

So tomorrow you will have your day, the day you decided that you wanted to be part of.  We did not chose it, instead we allowed you to decide and you came up with the […]

Love Is All You Need

I am not at all political…much to my mothers disgust. She would read all political angles, analyse every statement, question every ‘fact’…and then still vote Fine Gael!!! I vote in every election because I know […]

One Load Behind

The dishwasher needs emptying. There is another load waiting to go in.  The brief view of the bottom of the laundry basket, a fleeting glimpse, is now obscured after a whizz around the bedrooms revealed […]

One Small Step

This time last year you headed off for your first full week of Montessori I had no fears for you, you were following in your sisters footsteps and I knew that your journey was going to […]