The Holiday Edition | Before The Chaos

I am like an overexcited child in a sweet shop, the grown up in me is saying ‘calm the hell down’ but right now I can’t help it. We are off to one of my […]

Notes From My Sickbed

When you welcome your first newborn into the world, you are told a great many things. One thing you are not told it that you are also welcoming a dizzying array of bugs, viruses, bacteria […]

Inside Voices

There are few certainties with parenting, but one of them that you can count on is that with children comes noise, lots and lots of noise. Now you might assume that, like trying to remember […]

Two Peas in A Pod

You are so close. You’re favourite thing is when people mistake you for twins. You share your space so easily, and carve your own little world in our busy family. You whisper plans to each […]

Another Last.

There are days when I crave just a few minutes peace. There are times when I wish I could dash into the supermarket without it becoming a slow crawl round, while we look at EVERYTHING, […]

A Week of Neglectful Parenting

Some weeks you’re winning and others you are just trying to survive. This past week was very much a survival one. It should have been a winning week, I was off Monday and Tuesday…so that […]

On Communions Eve | Because You Are Eight

So tomorrow you will have your day, the day you decided that you wanted to be part of.  We did not chose it, instead we allowed you to decide and you came up with the […]