Alpacas on Tour

Last weekend Paul, the kids and 4 of our friendly Alpacas headed of to Roscommon to the annual Lamb Festival. Paul was delighted to have been invited to bring them along and he takes a […]

An Early Taste of Summer

Pesto Rice Salad & Smoked Trout Pate Its a sure sign that summer isn’t too far away when Pesto Rice salad appears on our table and it remains a staple from spring to Autumn. This […]

Alpaca Update

Things have been quiet on the Alpaca front over the winter, and with the exception of the usual feeding watering and the never ending poo collecting there isn’t a whole lot to do, Now however […]

Just Do It!

The last few years have been very busy for us here at Hushabye Farm and I, in particular, have found it difficult to plan or stick to any projects, between being pregnant ( x4) or having small babies […]