Farm Tales | The Story of Shadow

A few years ago, while on cria-watch, my daughter spotted movement in the shadow of the hawthorn hedge than ran the length of the field. She raced over to find a newly born cria, just […]

The Reluctant Farmer | Sunday Shenanigans

Sunday’s are for relaxing…right? Well it would seem the the chief farmer never got that memo!  ‘We need to move the alpacas’ he announced last Sunday, stifling a groan I asked which ones, ‘just the […]

The Reluctant Farmer | Special Care Unit

The Reluctant Farmer | Special Care Unit Part of my series for Irish Country Living ‘You’ll have to stay behind’ came the words I had been expecting. A late evening delivery of a very tiny cria […]

The Reluctant Farmer | Short Back and Sides

Part of my series for Irish Country Living Well, the day finally came for our alpacas to be relieved of their much prized, much sought-after fleece. They have been panting in the paddocks, sitting in the […]

The Reluctant Farmer | New Life on The Farm

Part of my series for Irish Country Living So after a long winter and spring of minding, dosing, preening and caring, all our hard work has started to pay off and the maternity ward has officially […]

A Week of Neglectful Parenting

Some weeks you’re winning and others you are just trying to survive. This past week was very much a survival one. It should have been a winning week, I was off Monday and Tuesday…so that […]

The Reluctant Farmer| Give Me Five

My latest piece for The Farmers Journal. It is almost a given, a sort of farming version of Murphy’s Law, that as soon as I put something in the oven, the chief farmer will appear at […]