Pesto Soda Bread

Bread is fast going out of fashion in this current ‘carb free’ approach to diets, and while I agree that we have, for a long time, been too carb dependant, there is nothing nicer that […]

Apple and Cinnamon Muffins

My children love apples…we go through at least 4/5 bags of apples a week, I’m probably the happiest person in the supermarket when the weekly special is bags of apples!! However, in spite of their […]

Fifteens….Edible Gifts

There is something so nice about both giving and receiving edible gifts, especially at Christmas, it’s a lovely token of kindness but doesn’t have to cost very much at all. This year one of the […]

Hazelnut Caramel Flapjacks

The kids going back to school has put me in the mood for some special lunchbox treats…our school has a healthy eating policy which is fantastic but occasional home baked goods are allowed. Flapjacks are […]