Thai Chicken Ginger and Noodle Soup

This is that perfect combination of super quick and deliciously tasty. It only has a few ingredients and has that lovely refreshing taste that Thai food is famous for. I’ve included noodles in this recipe […]

Lemony Sumac Chicken Traybake

Like a lot of the best tasting recipes, this came about as a result of a fridge clear out. Gorgeous flavours and the ingredients can be swapped about depending on what you have in the […]

Home Made Chicken Goujons

Homemade, oven baked, goujons can be a bit of a sad affair. They can be a bit dry and are usually not that crispy. They often end up being a bit of dried chicken with […]

Chicken and Noodle Laksa

Sometime you just need the clean fresh taste that Thai food brings, after the gluttony that is Christmas, and the longing for comfort dishes through the last few month I really needed something to tingle […]

Chicken and Broccoli Gratin

This dish began as a recipe from The Avoca Cookbook, it has been cooked so many time over the last few years that I have ended up changing, adding and subtracting a number of ingredients. […]

Quick and Easy Chicken, Chorizo and Pasta Dish

My fabulous brother in law Steve developed this delicious pasta recipe which is a firm favourite in our house. Our kids love chorizo but prefer the milder versions of it so I often use the […]