Holiday Hell

The holiday season is well and truly upon us, although the Irish weather doesn’t seem to have got the memo! I love reading about other people’s holidays, having a look at their holiday pictures on […]

London In The Wrong Shoes

Last Thursday was a big day, not only was it the smallest man’s birthday, it was also the day that we went on our much anticipated trip to see Aunty Jenny in London. As you […]

The Holiday Edition | Before The Chaos

I am like an overexcited child in a sweet shop, the grown up in me is saying ‘calm the hell down’ but right now I can’t help it. We are off to one of my […]

Holidaying with Children

If there is one thing that children will teach you, especially younger ones, is that if you change their routine they will make you pay!!! This doesn’t bode well for holidaying with them where it […]

Holidaying on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown

Last weekend, with high hopes, we packed the car and headed south on our holidays. Our destination was the beautiful coastal village of Ardmore, where my sister and I had a house taken for three […]